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We can give you a lot of different assistances relative to acquisition and modulation of all our templates.

Our partners offer you:

  • Online-Chat - if you have problems with acquisition, downloads or the billing.
  • Online-Help-Center - the online reference book, if you have any problems with the customization of the templates.

nunodesign offers you:

    Contact form if you have any questions about the acquisition and download.

Additional we have composed a small schedule with frequently asked questions, perhaps you will find the answer to your question in this list.

1. Which kind of advantages do you have with the acquisition of a website template?

The most important advantage is the price: you will get a top quality design for only 10 $ to 60 $. You must not even charge a webdesigner or a grafic studio for your website. Another advantage is the expenditure of time, a regular designer needs 5 to 15 days to create a website in this quality.

2. What do i get, if i order a template?

After you finished the payment process by an encoded area, you will get a confirmation mail, that contains a link, where you can download the template in a .zip package. The .zip file contains the following parts: PSD files (to edit the grafics with photoshop), HTML files (source code, to edit it with dreamweaver, GoLive, etc.), fonts (used fonts) and an assortment of cliparts.

To unpack the .zip archive you need a special program: If you use Windows, choose or and if you use MAC, choose

3. In which format are the templates offered?

The Templates will all be delivered in Photoshop and HMTL format. The used fonts are packed in the photoshop files, too. In most instances are the HTML files compatible to Adobe GoLive, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft Frontpage.

4. To which function may i use the templates?

• You can create a website for any function, you like to and you can customize the templates how ever you want.

• You may NOT sell the templates on to others and you may NOT maintain the copyrights. This will also apply, if you customize a template. All products are ownership on the offering company or single person.

• You may NOT use a template for different projects, if you do it you must buy the template a second time for the other project.

5. What is the difference between "exclusive" and "none exclusive" acquisition?

If you buy the template as a "non exclusive", other customers can buy this template after you get it, too.

If you buy the template as an "exclusive" template, the template will be removed from the assortment. Only you and the customers, who buyed the template befor, are able to use this template.

6. Is it meaningful to buy a template as "none exclusive", which is already downloaded by someone?

Yes of course, because the chance to find the same design in the internet is very low. There are more than websites online according to statistics on

7. Is it a one-time licence- charge?

Yes it is, you pay the value once per Internetproject, where you use the template (inkl. all subpages)

8. Is it possible to get access against payment to all downloads for a specific period?

Sadly no! We do not offer services based on memberships.

9. Is there any right of return?

Because of the fact, that we do not offer in rem, irrevocable products, is it not possible to give a right of return after transmisson of the product. With the bargain of a arcticle you agree to our terms of use and payment. Please read carefully through the tamplate details, that you know which kind of file formats are delivered with template. We only make an exception to this, if the product doesnt fit to the template details. This have to negotiated between the involved parties. The deadline for the right of return behave one week after delevery of the product.

10. I have ordered a template, but i have not received any download information.

In this case please contact the Billing Department by support chat or email (

11. An order was invoiced twice to me. I got two different order confiration mails.

If you are sure, that the order has got two dirrerent order IDīs, please contact the Billing Department.

12. Is it possible to reactivate my download link, if he was deactivated after 3 days?

Yes it is, in this case please contact the Billing Department, there your download link will be reactivated.

13. I would like to buy a template that is not offered anymore..

In this case the templates was sold as "exclusive". You can not get it anymore, please browse our assortment, to find a template that is similar to yours.

14. How can i customize a template, that it fits to my needs?

Please visit our Help Center Section , there you will find detailed information to this problem.

15. Are the template compatible to Microsoft FrontPage?

The most of our templates are based on HTML which is compatible with Adobe GoLive, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage and other coding programs. Please consider the respective product description.

16. Which software do you prefer to edit and create HTML files?

In our opinion Macromedia Dreamweaver is the perfect program for this job.

17. What is Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is a program for profesionell picture editing. You will find further information and a free demo on the Adobe website.

18. How can i customize the flash part of the template?

All you need is Macromedia Flash to modify the animated part of the template. More information you will find on

19. If i opened the flash .fla file i get the error „Unexpected file format“.

This error means, that the .fla file is incompatible to your Flash version. Please install Flash MX to be able to edit these files.

20. Can i modify my template in Swish?

No you canīt! All the regular Flash templates can only edited with Macromedia Flash.

21. Can i replace the pictures in the Flash animation with my own pictures?

Yes this is possible, you have only to replace them with Macromedia Flash

22. Where can i get the perfect pictures and grafics to customize my template with?

We advice the pictures of

23. Is it possible to use this templates to create a website for one of my customers?

Yes of course, the template is perfect for designer, who wanted to offer their customers a qualitative design and like to save money and time. Please consider that you are only able to implement one project (one domain) per buy.

24. Am i able to show small thumbnails with smaller solution on my website, that my customers can choose a design out of them.

Yes you can!

25. Contain the templates any scripts, or can you create them by a customer request?

Our templates contain no programmed scripts. All funktions like newsletters, formulars and/or search- rather shopfunctions are inactive an not deposited in the script. Our attendance covers no programming work referring to this. On inquiry we are gladly willing to give you an individual offer. You have only to contact us.

26. Sadly i have not the needed prerequisite to customize your templates on my own!

No problem, buy one of our templates and we will complete the template with your individual contents. But we will bill you the extra work!

27. Can i buy single details of a templates, like the grafics?

We are sorry, but it is not possible to buy single components of a template.

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